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Broomwood Hall Lower School

Broomwood Hall Lower School

50 Nightingale Lane, London, SW12 8TE

020 8682 8820



Broomwood Hall Lower School
School type Co-educational Day
Headmistress Mrs Carole Jenkinson
Co-ed Age Range 4-8
Number of pupils 320
Day fees per annum £5,610 per term

Broomwood Hall Lower School is a co-educational pre-preparatory school in South West London offering an all-round education for children aged 4-8 that incorporates lots of art, music, drama and sport and most importantly, equips them with skills for life, not just the next school. It is part of the Northwood Schools’ family which includes our girls’ prep school, Broomwood Hall Upper School, our sibling boys’ prep school, Northcote Lodge and our soon-to-open co-educational secondary school, NorthWood Senior.

We are a traditional school, embracing values that promote the 'soft' skills such as kindness, collaboration, creativity, good communication, and a sense of community. However we are also a modern school, coupling the very latest in educational thinking and practice with an eye on the increasingly automated workplaces that our children will enter in the future and equipping them with the skills that they’ll need to succeed in the years to come. These include: critical thinking, confidence, self-discipline, resilience, organisation, teamwork, creativity, a sense of duty and responsibility, good manners, courtesy and tolerance of others. Our motto, ‘To do your best, to be your best’ exemplifies the ethos of the school. Through this approach we help each child develop to the best of their individual ability and believe that a supportive but focused environment, without undue stress or ‘hot-housing’, is the best way to enable them to fulfil their potential, both inside and outside the classroom.

Entry into our Reception classes is by random ballot which is designed to ensure an equal mix of boys and girls and a good spread of birthdays. Entry at other times is subject to a satisfactory school report and a baseline assessment. Children from the Lower School progress automatically to either Northcote Lodge, (boys) or Broomwood Hall Upper School (girls) at the age of 8. We also offer a limited intake at age 7 for children wishing to move on to either of these prep schools.