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Broomwood Hall Lower School

Broomwood Hall Lower School

50 Nightingale Lane, London, SW12 8TE

020 8682 8840



Broomwood Hall Lower School
School type Co-educational Day Pre-Preparatory
Head Miss Jo Townsend
Co-ed Age Range 4-8 years
Number of pupils 320
Day fees per annum £5,820 per term

ABOUT US: Broomwood Hall Lower School is a co-educational pre-prep school for children aged 4-8 in Wandsworth, South West London offering an excellent and rounded education. We offer a broad, modern and innovative curriculum designed to provide mastery of the building blocks of education, delivered in an inclusive, exciting and enjoyable way, harnessing curiosity and creating a desire to learn. All children have specialist teaching in arts, sport, music and French. Maths mastery is a speciality.

MOTTO: 'To do your best, to be your best' exemplifies our ethos. We help each child develop to the best of their individual ability and believe that a supportive but focused environment, without undue stress or 'hot-housing', is the best way to enable them to fulfil their potential, both inside and outside the classroom.

GAMES & THE ARTS: All children take part in PE and Games for at least five periods per week and progress from learning basic skills to playing in competitive matches. Great emphasis on building confidence through art, drama and musical performance. A multitude of clubs from Year 1 onwards include karate, coding, art and cookery. We hold a prestigious Gold Artsmark Award.

PASTORAL CARE: The school is split between two buildings a short walk from each other. Each site is small enough, and intimate enough, for all children to be well known to all staff. We have a strong pastoral team which includes learning support, a full­time school nurse and a qualified school counsellor.

ADMISSIONS: Entry into our Reception classes is by random ballot which is designed to ensure an equal mix of boys and girls and a good spread of birthdays. Entry at other ages is subject to a satisfactory school report and a baseline assessment. Children from the Lower School progress automatically to either Northcote Lodge, (boys) or Broomwood Hall Upper School (girls) at the age of 8 providing these are the right schools for them. We also offer a limited intake at age 7 for children wishing to move on to either of these prep schools.

HEAD TEACHER'S PHILOSOPHY: We embrace the best of tradition with the best of modern innovative teaching to deliver an outstanding education that excites, stimulates and nurtures the whole child. Our five learning powers: Curiosity, Communication, Creativity, Independence and Resilience plus our Mastery and Thematic learning approach, are the bedrock for all we do and designed to equip children with the problem solving and analytical skills they need to succeed in the workplaces of the future.

In September 2021 Northwood Schools joined the wider Dukes Education family. Together we're extraordinary.