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Cameron House

Cameron House

4 The Vale, Chelsea, London, SW3 6AH

020 7352 4040



Cameron House
School type Coeducational Day
Founded 1980
Headmistress Mrs Dina Mallett
Co-ed Age Range 4-11
Day fees per annum £19,305
Associations BDA, IAPS, ISC

The curriculum

'An excellent curriculum provides all pupils… with opportunities to achieve high standards in a wide range of subjects and activities… within a creative, stimulating environment where all pupils are treated as individuals and encouraged to do their best. The quality of the pupils' achievements and learning is excellent.' (ISI Inspection 2016) Pupils of all abilities are prepared broadly and deeply for the full gamut of 11+ examinations within a rich and dynamic academic curriculum, using high quality resources and a broad range of ICT. We encourage children to research, reflect, ask questions, listen well and problem-solve - and to develop positive learning habits for life around the 'Five Cs of Cameron House': curiosity, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and courage.

Setup and atmosphere

'Across the school the quality of the pupils' personal development is excellent… All pupils display excellent moral development, have a firm sense of right and wrong, and are extremely courteous.' (ISI Inspection 2016) We aim to be a vibrant, warm and high-energy school, to which pupils are proud to belong and to which they contribute by growing their own skills, character and personal relationships. Our dedicated and highly qualified teachers know every pupil and every family, aiming to care for each with wisdom, professionalism and kindness.

Games and the arts

'Pupils develop excellent physical skills at all ages through the busy and demanding range of activities and… achieve significant success in competitive sports in relation to the size of the school.' (ISI Inspection 2016) Sport is integral to the rhythm of school life both within the timetable, and within the extra-curricular programme, with our team sports including touch rugby, netball, football and hockey, and individual sports such as fencing and karate offered as well. We are passionate about the arts, and provide a wealth of creative activities in art, design and technology, music and drama - through timetabled specialist teaching, after-school clubs, themed days, cultural visits and opportunities to train and perform in the school's arts programme, as well as local and national events.

Pastoral care

'Pastoral care makes an excellent contribution to pupils' personal development. Strong personal relationships reflect the friendly, family atmosphere. Staff know their pupils very well and… the school maintains very close links with parents.' (ISI Inspection 2016) We are a relaxed but respectful community, working together for the common good within a culture of praise and mutual respect, aiming to develop self-respect, self-discipline and empathy in our relationships, strong spiritual awareness and a deep appreciation of the beauty of the natural world. We want to embody our motto - 'Da Mihi Sapientiam' (Give Me Wisdom) - by growing wisdom in our pupils in thought, word and deed.

Outstanding characteristics

Cameron House has been led by the same Director-Principal for 37 years, providing seamless, detailed and passionate oversight and care. 'The quality of governance is excellent. Dynamic and energetic leadership across the school is highly effective in enabling the school to successfully fulfil its aim to create a happy and warm family atmosphere in which pupils are treated as individuals and are motivated to work and play to the best of their ability. Senior and middle managers provide clear educational direction and this is demonstrated in the excellent quality of pupils' achievements and in their outstanding personal development' (ISI Inspection 2016)