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Kew College

Kew College

24-26 Cumberland Road, Kew, TW9 3HQ, Surrey

020 8940 2039



Kew College
School type Co-educational Day
Founded 1927
Head Mrs Jane Bond
Co-ed Age Range 3-11 years
Number of pupils 296
Number of boys 140
Number of girls 156
Nursery £7,575
Kindergarten - Year 6 £13,200
Average Class Size 20
Associations IAPS

Set in leafy South-West London, Kew College is a gem of a school. In terms of education, it is a centre of excellence providing a rich, relevant and varied curriculum, but it is much more than that.

The minute you walk through the door, the ethos of the school is apparent; it is a friendly and caring environment which is relaxed but purposeful. The relationship between staff and pupils is warm and open and there is a tangible buzz of creativity in the air. The children are respectful, responsible, hard-working, and fun-loving individuals who thrive given opportunities to take risks in their learning and set challenges for themselves.

The results of entrance exams to secondary schools at Year 6 are excellent year on year, with numerous scholarships attained. Set this against the school's non-selective background and it is testimony to the quality of education that it provides. The children display an overwhelming desire to achieve and are inspired by staff who work with boundless energy, dedication and determination. No stone is left unturned as they strive to support and nurture every child to achieve to their full potential.

Education at Kew College is also about helping the pupils to develop their intellectual character. The children have a concrete sense of their own strengths and a confidence that goes hand in hand with that self-belief. This is coupled with a gracious sense of humility and open-mindedness, the realisation that the way forward in tomorrow's world is through co-operation and team work. This strong moral value system is embedded from an early age so that, by the time the pupils leave Kew College, they are able to think independently and critically. They are inquisitive, reflective and well-rounded; true individuals who are prepared for the rigours of secondary school and for the changing world in which they live.

"Both of our boys joined the school in the Nursery and have flourished in the nurturing and caring environment the school provides. The children are all confident, articulate, well-mannered, and thoroughly nice kids who are comfortable in the company of adults. Our boys have thrived at Kew College and always raced enthusiastically into school each day. The teaching and school philosophy is very much focused on helping each child to achieve their best in a happy environment. As parents, we really couldn't ask for more." The Stewart family

"We chose Kew College for our four daughters for its warm atmosphere and its happy, friendly, and well-mannered pupils. We feel fortunate to have also found a school which fulfils its promise of educating our children to their highest potential. We have children with differing abilities and personalities but Kew College has provided support and education for all of them. Every child at this school is unique, but one thing that every child here has in common is that they will leave strengthened by their experience." The Ahmed Family

Registrar: Mwarburton@kewcollege.com