Posted on 5th Nov 2021 in School News, Boarding

“Exciting, amazing, enjoyable, brilliant”, these four words were used to describe the first month of boarding at Wymondham College Prep School by our first Year 5 and 6 boarding cohort. They describe our brand-new purpose-built boarding house as “homely, with a real family feel” and they thoroughly enjoy the opportunities offered in the evenings and weekends, including access to the facilities at Wymondham College.

This September 2021, the school welcomed it’s first cohort of Year 5 and 6 boarders, into a boarding experience that ideally prepares them to transition to boarding for their secondary education, where all pupils have the opportunity to transition to Wymondham College. The opportunity to start boarding before year 7 provides each child the time to foster desirable character traits such as: independence, determination and bounce-back-ability that will enable them to go on to flourish as a boarder both at the Prep School but also for their secondary education. We, also, can’t underestimate the chance to develop meaningful friendships that most importantly prepares them for the challenges that all pupils face when transitioning to secondary education, particularly as a boarder.

The brand-new boarding house, Underwood Hall, provides a safe and homely environment for our young boarders to grow. Nestled in the 85-acre Wymondham College site the mixed boarding house benefits from small group same gender dormitories, enabling the boarders to develop camaraderie but also giving them their own individual space should they so desire it. The house itself benefits from a range of community areas where our boarders bond together over a favourite film in the main lounge or relax in the snug for a cosy chat, board game or book. With its own kitchen and dining room, the house enables the boarders to benefit from a brunch Sunday breakfast, a variety of evening snacks, including a staple of toast, and the space for various evening activities to engage the boarders. Immediately outside the house the boarders have access to an informal seating area and outdoor play area enabling them to relax and play with their friends in the evenings and at weekends.

Most importantly, the boarders’ home from home is well staffed with a caring and professional team who are here to support them as they delight in their achievements, consoling them when it doesn’t quite work out and enabling individuality to flourish. The Head of House, Mr Jon Timmins, carefully monitors each boarder’s development and is on hand to help at every turn, carefully nurturing each young boarder from first steps through the entrance of Underwood Hall all the way to their last.

Our countryside Norfolk location has enabled the staff to provide a wide variety of weekend and evening adventures and activities for the boarders to take part in, with plenty of opportunities to visit the beach and visits to historic Norwich. The boarders access the various facilities on offer at the Prep School and the College, enjoying a Saturday morning swim in the pool, joining the College’s boarding houses for joint activities and attending Sunday chapel, ensuring that our boarders always have the space for meaningful endeavour and relaxation, creating friendships and fond memories.

In order to learn more, to arrange a visit or to join us as a boarder please visit our website or email