Which London School? & the South-East 2024/25 available now

Posted on 21st May 2024 in John Catt Publications, Which London School?, Independent Education

John Catt from Hodder Education is pleased to announce the publication of the 2024/25 edition of our guidebook Which London School? & the South-East.

The 35th edition of this guide features details of more than 1,300 independent schools, colleges and nurseries in Central London, Greater London and the South-East region.

There are full profiles of a number of leading schools, which can also be viewed at www.whichlondonschool.co.uk.

The book provides essential information about independent schooling and includes an editorial section featuring a number of excellent articles. Topics range from the importance of holistic development and preparing our children for future success, to how schools are keeping pace with an ever-changing technological era.

This guidebook can be ordered from our online bookshop and other online channels, and you can read the digital version below: