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Breaside Preparatory School

Breaside Preparatory School

41-43 Orchard Road, Bromley, BR1 2PR, Kent

020 8460 0916



Breaside Preparatory School
School type Coeducational Day
Founded 1950
Executive Principal Mrs Karen A Nicholson
Date Appointed 2008
Co-ed Age Range 2 1/2-11
Number of pupils 360
Number of boys 178
Number of girls 182
Day fees per annum £11,070 - £12,900
Associations SATIPS,IAPS,NAHT,Cognita

Breaside Preparatory School, located in Bromley, Kent, prepares pupils from 2.5 to 11 years for both Grammar and Independent Senior Schools in a caring and nurturing environment.

Once again, SATs and 11+ entry results for 2017 were outstanding, with 100% of Year 6 pupils gaining their first choice at Senior School.

Parents are given guidance on the schools that we recommend for their children throughout their time at Breaside and we pride ourselves on getting the children into the right school for them as individuals.

Should I choose Breaside Preparatory School for my child?

Do they really offer more than a local primary school? The answer to both of these questions is a resounding 'Yes'.

As their name suggests, the role of preparatory schools is to prepare your child for their entrance into senior education, so don’t be surprised to see a plethora of subjects on the curriculum. Your child will experience a well rounded education albeit in a nurturing environment. Classes are significantly smaller, allowing all pupils to progress. At the same time, this allows all staff to know their pupils and therefore offer a bespoke curriculum. Preparatory schools provide a wealth of opportunity for your child both academically and pastorally. Self confidence is encouraged and children are constantly motivated to enjoy and embrace all the opportunities that arise within this positive learning environment.

The academic curriculum within a preparatory school is clearly of the utmost importance. Throughout your child's time at their preparatory school, they will be prepared for the common entrance and scholarship tests and preparatory schools' academic credentials are renowned. Parents evidently send their child to a preparatory school in the hope that they will reach their optimum level. However, paying fees does not automatically ensure your child's place at a top grammar or independent senior school. Nevertheless, as a parent, you do have the right to have high expectations and preparatory schools clearly recognise this and deliver a high quality education.

If the above isn't enough to tempt you, consider the other aspects of a stimulating, all-round education. Your child will have the opportunity to experience a wide range of music, playing in an orchestra or participating in the choir. Peripatetic teachers within a preparatory school can introduce your child to a wealth of instruments, regardless of ability. Drama is also extensive with children as young as 3 taking part in plays. Within the encouraging atmosphere of a preparatory school, this can only help to aid your child’s confidence. Let's not forget the range of sporting events that your child can take part in. Children in a preparatory school experience a range of sports, including rugby, hockey, swimming and cricket.

Should you choose a preparatory school for your child? Well, if you want to give them the best possible start in life, then the answer has to be yes. The investment will pay off as you see your child blossom into a well rounded, self confident, individual, ready to face the world!

For more information or a personal tour of the School and Kindergarten please call 020 8460 0916, info@breaside.co.uk, www.breaside.co.uk