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Dallington School

Dallington School

8 Dallington Street, Islington, London, EC1V 0BW

020 7251 2284



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Dallington School
School type Coeducational Day and Nursery
Founded 1978
Headteacher Mrs M C Hercules
Date Appointed 1978
Co-ed Age Range 3-11
Number of pupils 130
Number of boys 74
Number of girls 56
Day fees per annum £9,978 - £12,630
Teacher/Pupil ratio 1:16 (with full time TA)
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A family-run independent primary school with a nursery, in the heart of London

"The joy and reward of lifelong learning take time. That time is called childhood, spent with people who understand and value it, in a stimulating environment that promotes it."

Mogg Hercules

Headteacher, Proprietor and Founder

Ted Wragg Lifetime Achievement Award (with Distinction) 2009

"My passion and determination, combined with an unerring belief that children should be included in their learning and listened to, as they expressed their thoughts, ideas and opinions drove me to create my own school. I did this in 1978 and this characteristic spirit of our school is still in evidence and works!" Mogg Hercules

At Dallington, we want children to enjoy their childhood, develop a love of learning, independence of thought and retain their individuality. Our expectation is for every child to understand the part it has to play in its learning. The relationships between the staff and the children are informal, but considerate. First names are used and we do not have a school uniform.

We encourage our children to become confident and enthusiastic learners. We offer a topic-based curriculum which is broad, creative and balanced to a non-selective and co-educational intake. Our children work and play together in a co-operative, supportive way and great emphasis is placed on nurturing the development of the powers of reasoning and reflective, critical thinking. We provide an environment where children can openly relate to others and expect to be listened to and respected for their points of view.

Our school is widely creative and the children are encouraged to assume responsibility in a self-regulated, purposeful way. Art, design and technology and music are strong elements of the curriculum which run throughout the school. Children are introduced to a variety of activities taught by specialist teachers including Drama, French, Swimming, Sports, Kodály Method, Recorder, Ukulele, Circus Skills and Forest Schools. Individual instrument lessons are also offered.

The school has an exemplary record of attaining places prior to and at Secondary level. Dallington children are prepared for external exams in a non-competitive, stress-free environment. A non-competitive ethos does not mean the children lack purpose in their learning.

Come and talk to our children and staff and experience the unique spirit of Dallington.

Personal tours of our nursery and school are given each day of the week, except Wednesday, with up to 3 families together. A place in our Nursery guarantees a place in our School. Dallington has a non-selective entry policy. We work on a first come first served basis. Early registration is advised.