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Argyle House School

Argyle House School

19-20 Thornhill Park, Sunderland, SR2 7LA, Tyne & Wear

0191 5100726



Argyle House School
School type Co-educational Day
Founded 1884
Headteacher Mr. Chris Johnson
Co-ed Age Range 3-16
Number of pupils 233
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Average Class Size 17
Teacher/Pupil ratio 1:6
Associations ISA

Nestled in Ashbrooke - the leafy suburb of Sunderland, lies an educational establishment of repute. Argyle House School is the North East’s only family owned independent school. The school was established in 1884 by Mr. Hanna M A. In 1968, Mr. Jeff Johnson, a student of the school and later a teacher there, bought the school from Mr. Hanna’s family. In 2002, Jeff Johnson handed over the reins of Argyle House School to his two sons, Chris and Neil. After taking over as Headteacher, Mr. Chris Johnson has since developed the school into a place of nurture by providing an environment for children to enjoy learning whilst instilling in them strong family values; the core values upon which the school was built.

The strengths of the school lie on many levels. It is a school where children come willingly to learn. Studying and learning are two different things. The willingness to learn comes from the kind of environment that a school has. When they are happy, they are more receptive to learn. Argyle House School provides such an environment. Also, this is not a school with 1000 children! Class numbers are small and there is merit in this structure. This enables our teachers to focus on a child’s strength, his or her interests and then guide them accordingly. When a child is known individually to a teacher, this makes a tremendous difference in their development. Our teachers know each and every one of them. We never look upon a child as a student of the school. They are always looked upon as sons and daughters. When they come to school, they’re coming home. A place where they are loved and respected.

We emphasise the importance of values, of honesty, of respect, of kindness, of being responsible citizens, of humanity and above all, the value of hardwork and the importance of being a good human being. What we lay down as a foundation today will enable our children to build their future with confidence. We stress the importance of what we call ‘The R-Principle’ where we encourage our children to be; resourceful, resilient, respectful, responsible, reflective and to possess the ability to reason. Our teachers take on different roles apart from teaching such as being mentors and guides; a friend who listens and comforts; a father or mother who is stern but loving as well. When a school has such an environment, happiness takes over.

We are of the opinion that education must be enjoyed and it must give the child the chance to develop not just academically, but also physically, socially and emotionally too. Extra-curricular activities are crucial here. In fact, our clubs and activities are far ranging and we have close to 30 clubs for children to utilise. We’ve attained the highest possible rating by ISI in our most recent inspection.

Our facilities are updated regularly and we’ve increased our wider partnership links. We’ve also devised new curriculums with our pupils in mind, which feature extra GCSE subjects. The environment of the school not only creates well-rounded individuals but also academic achievers. Government statistics have once again named Argyle House School as number one for GCSE results in Sunderland. To ensure a healthy body and mind, children are encouraged to participate in Sport, Music, Drama and Arts. From a student accomplishment perspective, we are proud to have a number of children who have excelled in their sporting endeavours. Two brothers claimed gold in European Gymnastics and one child represented Great Britain in Karate.

We consider the happiness of children to be the key factor to both academic and social success. With no airs or graces, our down to earth approach to education and development allows children to achieve to the maximum of their abilities. Outstanding facilities, backed by dedicated teachers, a comfortable environment and deep rooted values make Argyle House School truly exceptional.