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Broomwood Prep - Boys

Broomwood Prep - Boys

26 Bolingbroke Grove, London, SW11 6EL

020 8682 8888



Broomwood Prep - Boys
School type Boys' Day Preparatory
Head & Group Principal (from Sep 24) Mr Michael Hodge
Boys Age Range 7-13 years
Number of pupils 217
Day fees per annum £7,535 per term
Average Class Size 17
Associations IAPS, ISC

ABOUT US: BROOMWOOD inspires and equips children aged 3-13 to #BeYourBEST. We offer a joyful co-educational pre-prep education at Broomwood Pre-Prep and Little Broomwood, followed by two single-sex, yet highly collaborative prep schools, Broomwood Prep, Boys and Broomwood Prep, Girls which prepare for both 11+ and 13+ exits. Whilst the schools have their own traditions and unique characteristics, we are united by what drives us: a bespoke, dynamic, and rich journey where pupils develop their own passions and talents, as well as being stretched in new directions, so they become the best version of themselves.

THE CURRICULUM: Boys thrive in our busy yet friendly school which provides outstanding teaching that stimulates, stretches, nurtures, and develops individual strengths to prepare boys for entry to top secondary schools at 11 and 13 - both in and out of London, whilst retaining a friendly and collaborative relationship with Broomwood Prep, Girls.

GAMES & THE ARTS: Our sports team includes FA, RFU, and ECB qualified staff with a wealth of experience of playing sport to a high level who aim to inspire boys to enjoy and work hard in all sports, offering a high quality and wide varied sporting programme. All boys play matches in the major sports and teams are very competitive even against much bigger schools. A wide-ranging club’s programme includes karate, coding, and spy-club. Thriving and vibrant music, drama, and art departments with ambitious projects, multiple ensembles, and exciting performances.

PASTORAL CARE: Our tutor system ensures that each boy has someone looking out for him over and above the care he receives from every staff member. The small and friendly community enables staff and boys to get to know each other well. Parent partnership is actively encouraged, and the Headmaster’s door is always open.

ENTRANCE & EXIT: Automatic entry for boys from our pre-prep school if it's the right school for them. Around 6-10 places a year for external candidate at 7 and some at 11. Exit to a broad mix of London day and out of town boarding at 11 & 13 including Bradfield, Eton, Charterhouse, Dulwich, Harrow, Kings Wimbledon, Marlborough, Trinity, Wellington, Whitgift. Strong record in scholarships (40+ across boys' and girls' preps this year) across the board, academic, sport, music, creative arts.

HEAD TEACHER'S PHILOSOPHY: 'The whole child is the whole point': academic rigour, a focus on developing values, outstanding extra-curricular opportunities, holistic pastoral care and most importantly, running a school that allows the boys to be happy so that they fulfil their academic potential.

OUTSTANDING CHARACTERISTICS: Broomwood equips and inspires boys and girls aged 3-13 to #BeYourBEST by giving them the very best of all worlds: a joyful co-educational start to education at the age of 3 or 4 in a bespoke, specialist Early Years centre within a wider school setting. This is followed by a seamless transition to single-sex, yet highly collaborative, prep schools at the age of 7, before departing for some of the best schools in the country at the age of 11 or 13 - both day, boarding, co-ed and single-sex.

Broomwood is part of the wider Dukes Education family. Together we're extraordinary.