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Durston House

Durston House

12-14 Castlebar Road, Ealing, London, W5 2DR

020 8991 6530



Durston House
School type Boys' Day
Founded 1886
Headmaster Mr Giles Entwisle
Date Appointed September 2020
Boys Age Range 4-13
Number of pupils 380
Day fees per annum £4,160 - £5,060 per term
Average Class Size 16
Associations IAPS,ISC

Durston House is a leading London prep school. The school began life in 1886 and has, from its earliest years, enjoyed a strong academic reputation and encouraged keen sporting and lively cultural interests. Durston House has a fine record of preparing boys for Senior School. Our pupils leave at 13 heading to top Independent London schools such as St Pauls, Merchant Taylors, Hampton and Harrow.

Durston House places an emphasis on high standards of work and targets that are commensurate with each pupil's personal development. We believe that it is hugely important to create an educational environment that encourages all pupils to be curious and enthusiastic about their opportunities to learn and grow. At Durston House, the manner in which this growth is guided is one of relaxed, quiet integrity of purpose, allowing boys the freedom to develop themselves. This is the essence of our ongoing success.

A boy's education here is shaped by the development of his character, his curiosity to learn and discover more, and his expanding capability. These three concepts - Character, Curiosity and Capability - are the cornerstones of his success at Durston House and his success in life. The curriculum we offer is very broad, deep and rigorous, allowing ample opportunity for boys to question and explore. Independent learning is valued and encouraged by our well-qualified staff, always keen to inspire and engage boys beyond the lesson objective. A particular interest in an idea or a subject is fostered and nurtured by teachers, who themselves are enthusiasts for learning. In essence, here at Durston House, we are all learners, old and young; this positive interaction is supported by small class sizes, where individuality and independence can flourish. Full specialist teaching is introduced at Year 5, with some specialism occurring in specific subjects lower down the school. Boys with specific needs are offered Learning Support.

Lessons are delivered in a range of ways, taking account of different learning styles and preferences, and the certainty that boys should explore and experience practically, not just from a textbook. Workshops, Outings, Trips and outdoor adventures complement the classroom experience across all year groups. Throughout the school there is an Enrichment Programme, offering a wide range of activities from yoga, engineering, debate, chess, cooking and philosophy to name a few. The aim of the Enrichment programme is to enhance the boys’ critical thinking and develop life skills.

Extensive use is made of local facilities, especially for drama and swimming. Sport is strong, with both of the school’s playing field sites having floodlit, all-weather facilities; fixtures against other schools are common and there has been much sporting success in recent years.

Entry into the Reception year is in order of registration and is non-selective. For all other years, entry assessment procedures are in place. After-School Care is offered for boys whose parents cannot collect them until later in the day. Generous ancillary staffing helps Durston House run smoothly and effectively.

We take pride in the true and visible diversity of our community and embrace pupils and staff from all ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds. We have built a community in which mutual respect and understanding, fairness and opportunities for all are promoted within the framework of our broadly Christian foundation.