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Ealing Independent College

Ealing Independent College

83 New Broadway, Ealing, London, W5 5AL

020 8579 6668



Ealing Independent College
School type Co-educational Day Senior & Sixth Form
Headteacher Allan Cairns
Co-ed Age Range 13-19 years
Number of pupils 96
Average Class Size 10
Associations ISC

We prepare students aged 13 to 19 from the UK and worldwide for university entry through the GCSE and A level programmes, providing expert teaching, supportive individual help and guidance.

The College offers a friendly and personalised learning environment with small class sizes, where students have a strong support system in place, both through the teachers as well as their peers.

With an average class size of ten, it gives our staff the chance to fully understand each individual student - to get to know how they best make progress - and to make a bespoke learning programme for them, geared towards ensuring that they perform to the very best of their abilities.

Ealing Independent College is a wonderful place to learn and grow, supported by passionate and dedicated staff who ensure each and every student reaches their potential and leave with grades and university destinations that they could only have dreamed of.

We encourage our students to develop confidence and resilience to succeed as they forge their own path in life. We aim to empower our students to make courageous decisions that are right for them. We encourage our students to be resourceful, analysing the options in front of them and making informed decisions about choices that impact them. We teach our students to be persistent, to push through and not to settle. We are a diverse community, where everyone has the freedom to be themselves and learn from each other.

The individual is at the core of all elements that make up our unique approach to teaching and learning. As a College we are not satisfied with just teaching the curriculum; we want to help students become the best version of themselves. We want to help them celebrate and develop their individuality and to achieve their true potential.

The learning extends beyond the classrooms, with a selection of clubs and societies available to enrich and enhance the College experience.

Physical fitness activities are some of the extra-curricular activities on offer for the students. Running club and football training take place every week, as well as a "Talk Sports Club", where students can watch and discuss sports competitions and events. Other societies include Metaphysics and Folklore society, Biomedical Society, Debating Society, Engineering Society, and a Medicine and Dentistry Interview Practice weekly session.

Finally, Ealing Independent College takes pride in giving the students opportunities to lead some of the societies themselves. The student-led clubs include Student Council and the Student Magazine Committee.

It only takes a visit to fully appreciate the unique atmosphere we provide. We encourage you to book an individual visit and tour to experience the College in action, meet relevant teachers, and speak to some of our students.