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Goodwyn School

Goodwyn School

Hammers Lane, Mill Hill, London, NW7 4DB

020 8959 3756



Goodwyn School
School type Coeducational Day
Founded 1938
Principal Struan Robertson
Co-ed Age Range 3-11
Number of pupils 223
Number of boys 104
Number of girls 119
Day fees per annum £5,120 - £11,042
Average Class Size 18-20

School Aims

Children at Goodwyn have the opportunity to work in a nurturing, caring environment where they feel secure and excited about learning due to our dynamic and personalised approach to teaching.

Our curriculum is broad, enabling us to develop talents within it and the opportunity to broaden it further with our extra-curricular programme. We build confidence and self-belief as we endeavour to really know our children and celebrate their individuality.

We provide an education where all can flourish at their own level in their own way and are all valued within our Goodwyn Community.

We prepare them for life beyond primary school through our integral PHSE programme that includes learning approaches such as resilience and persistence. We foster a desire to develop well-rounded, honest and balanced children who respect others, believe in freedom of speech, the need for laws and democracy- all that encompasses British Values.

About Us

We have endeavoured to portray ourselves by painting with words and pictures, but realise this can only suggest to you the unique characteristics that make Goodwyn the school it is.

There is a certain something about the school that exudes warmth, happiness and wellbeing, which in turn generates confidence. Second generation families return to the school and, on setting foot back inside, instantly remember happy memories of yesteryear. The fact that Goodwyn has endeared itself to so many staff, pupils and parents indicates that we maintained its ethos. Many have contributed towards the school and now others continue to uphold the Goodwyn name. Yes, one must make changes, but we endeavour to maintain the uniqueness that is Goodwyn.

We hope you will find we have painted some of that commitment and enjoyment into our picture.

Curriculum Overview

We provide a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum which is accessible to all our children and based on the National Curriculum. We aim to help our children to develop into positive, responsible and confident people who achieve their full potential. Goodwyn School is a happy, sociable and unpretentious school, where children’s efforts and achievements are valued, recognised and rewarded. Our girls and boys are enthusiastic individuals, with lots of character and energy, who enjoy their time at school. We aim to provide the children with a life-long love of learning through our diverse and varied approach to teaching and learning.