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Heathside School Hampstead

Heathside School Hampstead

84a Heath Street, Hampstead, London, NW3 1DN

+44 (0)20 3058 4011



Heathside School Hampstead
School type Co-educational Day Preparatory & Nursery
Founded 1993
Headteacher Nadia Ward
Date Appointed 2023
Co-ed Age Range 2-13 years
Number of pupils 137
Day fees per annum £18,789 - £21,273 per annum
Average Class Size 15
Associations ISC

Welcome to Heathside School Hampstead, a cherished haven of childhood nestled in the heart of Hampstead Village. We are a co-educational prep school spanning ages 2 to 13, driven by values of knowledge, nature, and nurture. Our unique approach blends academic excellence and the arts with the wonders of nature, forging an environment where young minds not only flourish but truly come alive.

Our commitment to nurturing both knowledge and character sets us apart. Here, teachers and students engage on first-name terms, cultivating authentic connections that spark a lifelong passion for learning. We break free from the constraints of conventional uniforms, we welcome dogs in school, and we encourage boundless play, knowing that the pursuit of knowledge knows no age limit.

As we step into a new era of growth and development, our two school buildings in the heart of Hampstead Village reflect our commitment to creating an exceptional learning environment. With newly refurbished early years facilities, state-of-the-art playgrounds, and dedicated spaces for our upper school, we are providing our pupils with the best tools to explore their potential.

Our educational philosophy embraces the wisdom of nature, fostering serenity, patience, and growth. Yet, it's also a philosophy of courage, innovation, and forward-thinking. Our outstanding 11+ and 13+ preparation programs consistently yield remarkable results, a testament to our unwavering belief in our methods. At Heathside, we champion the right for children to be children, regardless of their age.

Right on our doorstep, Hampstead Heath is an extension of our school, and adds another layer to our holistic approach. From welly boot shelves to Forest School adventures on the Heath, we instil in our students a profound connection with and respect for the natural world. This reverence extends beyond nature to encompass empathy, compassion, and respect within our school community, forging bonds that feel more like family than mere schoolmates.

But that's not all. At Heathside, we're more than just academics. We offer an extensive array of after-school clubs and enrichment activities that allow your child to explore their interests, broaden their horizons, and develop skills beyond the classroom. From chess to science, our clubs provide a platform for students to stretch themselves and discover new passions, fostering personal growth in a supportive environment.

Heathside is on a mission to empower children with the skills, knowledge, and character they need to thrive in the modern world while preserving the essence of childhood. Our nurturing yet bold environment propels students towards academic success, cultivating an enduring sense of wonder, curiosity, and achievement that will accompany them on their educational journey and into their bright futures.

In this unique educational sanctuary, we celebrate the freedom to learn, the knowledge that grows from innovation, the bond we share with nature, the nurture of empathetic hearts, and the bravery to challenge conventions. At Heathside, your child will discover not only academic excellence but also the joy of childhood preserved, ensuring they are well-prepared, confident, and eager to find their place in the world. Every day at Heathside is an opportunity for growth, wonder, and achievement.