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Ipswich Prep School

Ipswich Prep School

3 Ivry Street, Ipswich, IP1 3QW, Suffolk

01473 282800



Ipswich Prep School
School type Co-educational Day
Founded 1878
Headmistress Amanda Childs
Date Appointed September 2009
Number of pupils 241
Day fees per annum £10,914 - £13,410
Teacher/Pupil ratio 1:15
Associations IAPS, ISC

Ipswich Prep School is one of the leading prep schools in East Anglia and linked to Ipswich School which is the top academic independent school in Suffolk.

Children learn best when they are happy - it is that simple. That is why our ethos is based around four core values, and of these, why care, is the most important. We care about every single individual at the school - from pupils through to staff - and our children learn to become compassionate, empathetic individuals as a result.

We are also passionate about learning for its own sake and we use our independence wisely. You won’t find our children cramming for SATs or worrying about their next assessment. Instead you’ll find them bringing in a picture of a bee swarm they’ve spotted and explaining how it relates to their last biology lesson. You’ll find them creating scientific experiments that fizz and bang with kitchen ingredients. Or you’ll notice the beauty in their Hockney inspired Suffolk landscapes. Ipswich Prep pupils find a joy in learning, and an excitement in discovery, that serves them well for senior school and beyond.

Our children achieve their full potential - this may be academic accolades, musical performances, or representing the school in sport. They develop resilience and a portfolio of interests that enable them to thrive as individuals and be fully prepared for the next step. Whilst many children progress to Ipswich School, we take great care to ensure that the next school suits each individual child.

Our fourth value is communication, and this ensures that our whole community supports a child’s development. We share as much as we can with our parents and their support, friendliness and warmth also make this a special place.

Children have the benefit of small class sizes with high staff/pupil ratios. Specialist teaching starts right from Nursery with PE, Music and Library sessions. French starts from Reception and later on we teach a carousel of German, Russian, Spanish and French. In Upper Prep specialist teaching extends to include Art, DT, Science. Our curriculum is wide and still includes many subjects now obsolete in the state system like Drama.

Our co-curriculum provision is extensive and hugely popular. If there is pupil interest we will start a club - butterfly club is perhaps the quirkiest example of this, and started by a pupil. But the list is extensive - den building, debating, orchestra, ballet, music production, calligraphy, puppets…

'Forward-thinking and committed to maintaining a high staff-to-pupil ratio, high teaching standards and a jam-packed list of clubs.' Good Schools Guide