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London Park School Sixth

London Park School Sixth

79 Eccleston Square, Belgravia, London, SW1V 1PP

020 7491 7393



London Park School Sixth
School type Co-educational Day Sixth Form / College
Head of Sixth Form Mr Nathan Mountford
Co-ed Age Range 16-18 years
Number of pupils 120
Day fees per annum £9,820 per term
Average Class Size 4-8 (depending on subject)

Ethos: We provide a transformative experience for all our students in a smaller, community-oriented environment. We aim not only to prepare them for the rigours of A levels and further education but also to equip them with the wider life skills necessary to flourish in their chosen career paths.

In 2024 we will also be offering Hybrid@LPS - a new, inclusive, on-line learning programme combined with one day on-site.

Goals: We strive to future-proof our students with both academic and social skills, develop resilience and courage in their learning journeys, and provide excellent pastoral and academic support. We are committed to embedding digital learning and AI across our curriculum, promoting organic leadership among students, and fostering an environment where every voice is heard and valued.

Academic Programme: Our academic programme offers a wide range of A-level subjects, ensuring that students can explore their interests and passions. From Art & Design, to maths, Science and Psychology, our curriculum is designed to challenge and inspire students to excel academically.

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ): All students can take the EPQ, an independently researched qualification that allows them to delve into a topic of their choice. Highly regarded by university admissions tutors and employers, the EPQ provides students with valuable research and analytical skills.

University Visits and Workshops: To broaden their horizons and challenge their learning, all students are offered a wide range of trips and workshops at universities in London and further afield. We prepare for universities in the UK, US and Europe.

Dukes Education: We make use of our membership of the broader Dukes community with access to specialist careers and university preparation services.

Sport, Support, and Wellbeing: Students are given membership of the local Queen Mother Sports Centre and participate in the broader school sports teams as well - including our whole-group sports day. Wellbeing is baked into our Sixth Form experience to ensure we provide a supportive environment where students can thrive both academically and personally.

PSHCE Curriculum: Over two years, students follow a bespoke PSHCE curriculum focusing on research skills, preparation for university, interviews, careers, financial wellness, and emotional wellbeing. We equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to navigate life beyond school successfully.

Guest Speakers: We regularly invite speakers from various industries to engage and challenge our students, providing them with valuable insights into the real world and potential career paths.

Enrichment and Service: Students can participate in a variety of enrichment activities, including clubs/societies, business enterprise projects, volunteering and mentoring programs, Model United Nations (MUN), and Duke of Edinburgh (Silver) expeditions.

In Summary: LPS Sixth brings together students from the two LPS schools in Clapham and Mayfair as well as welcoming students from other schools to provide a stimulating, vibrant, and welcoming stepping stone from school to university.