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Monkton Senior School

Monkton Senior School

Monkton Combe, Bath, BA2 7HG, Bath & North-East Somerset

01225 721133



Monkton Senior School
School type Co-educational Day & Boarding Senior & Sixth Form
Founded 1868
Principal Mr Chris Wheeler
Date Appointed January 2016
Co-ed Age Range 13-18 years (boarding from 13)
Number of pupils 395
Number of boys 220
Number of girls 175
Number of sixth formers 173
Number of Prep School pupils 275
Day fees per annum £25,500 - £26,790 per annum
Weekly Boarding fees per annum £37,770 - £38,790 per annum
Boarding fees per annum £41,625 - £42,735 per annum
Teacher/Pupil ratio 1:9
Associations BSA, HMC, ISC

Monkton is a very special and unusual place, as you will see if you come to visit. Our pupils are grounded, real and kind but equally they are thoughtful, diligent and ambitious in their goals.

What’s different about Monkton? Aside from the stunning views, outstanding academic results and passionate teachers which many schools boast, Monkton focuses on the journey of each individual in a way that is tangibly different.

As pioneers in pastoral tracking, process is always more important to us than outcome, and although we have high aspirations for all our pupils, our focus on process looks after the outcomes, as our results bear witness to. We celebrate failure (literally - in assembly) as well as excellence because performance isn’t how we measure success, and authentic resilience cannot be built without it.

Whilst academic rigour is important to us, it is never at the expense of well-being. Our experience is that achievement, academic or otherwise, is the natural consequence of a healthy sense of self-worth. Whether it is a pupil in Pre-Prep bringing a caterpillar in from the playground with awe and wonder on their faces, a pupil in Prep writing their own report on their development of resilience, or a pupil at Senior level reflecting on developing a higher trust of themselves in their decision making, for Monkton pupils school is not about what to learn, but how.

Our excellent exam results are enabled by fostering a learning environment where students become motivated, independent learners, who recognise their strengths, set ambitious goals, and understand the steps they need to take to achieve them.

Through a commitment to leadership coaching, we promote continuous improvement amongst staff and students. Our students learn how to actively help one another, rather than just sympathise with problems.

A key element to Monkton is our boarding ethos. We really look to develop all aspects of a child and whether a pupil is a boarder or not they will get the best of a boarding world. From the Prep School’s range of exciting and adventurous clubs, to boarding taster nights and flexi boarding options, to the Senior School day pupils joining boarders for breakfast, staying for supper and getting a game of Frisbee before going home, at Monkton a boarding ethos is not about who sleeps the night.

Monkton isn’t just an all round school, it is a school committed to all rounders. Unlike many schools where 10% of children lead on 90% of activities, we actively seek and select those who want to play a game of hockey, then sing with the ‘Choir Who Can’t Sing’, then head off to a play rehearsal before conservation club or fencing. Whatever the choice, our co-curricular activities encourage commitment, inspire curiosity and engender collaboration, skills that will serve our students for life. We see these skills as an extension to the learning which our pupils do in their academic pursuits, and encourage them to reflect on how each enriches the other.