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Robertsbridge, TN32 5JL, East Sussex

01580 880413



School type Co-educational Day & Boarding Preparatory & Nursery
Founded 1938
Headmaster Joff Powis
Date Appointed September 2017
Co-ed Age Range 2-13 years
Number of pupils 201
Day fees per annum £11,100 - £21,675 per annum
Weekly Boarding fees per annum £26,925 per annum
Boarding fees per annum £29,925 per annum
Average Class Size 15
Teacher/Pupil ratio 1:6
Associations BSA, IAPS, ISC


Vinehall is a school where every child thrives, and children come first. We are a proud member of the Repton Family of Schools. At Vinehall, we believe that in providing a wide range of opportunities we can allow our children to achieve success, instilling in them a strong sense of purpose and self confidence. Our staff and parents work together to create a warm and thriving community, where kindness and tolerance towards others are leading values. The school's ethos is encapsulated in our motto, 'to do our best for the benefit of others'.

Idyllic Setting

Located in 50 acres of picturesque East Sussex countryside, Vinehall provides a unique learning experience that allows our children to thrive in an expansive and nurturing family environment, giving every child the opportunity to succeed both academically and personally, while allowing them to remain children for as long as possible. Our wonderful site means our pupils have a freedom rarely found these days, providing opportunities to explore and play outside, including climbing trees and building dens. The school offers a range of outstanding facilities, including an all-weather pitch, indoor swimming pool, nine-hole golf course, 250-seater theatre, full-size sports hall and an impressive library and classroom building.

Outstanding Education

Vinehall upholds high standard of academic achievement as well as offering a range of co-curricular opportunities. We are a vibrant and busy school with high expectations all round. Vinehall is a warm, caring, family school, and promoting positive mental and physical wellbeing is at the heart of what we do. Our size means that the teachers know all of the children well, and that every child is treated as an individual, supported and challenged during their time with us. Our broad and stimulating curriculum provides children with relevant and engaging learning experiences, enabling all pupils to fulfil their potential. Our aim is to foster a love of learning by encouraging children to ask questions and think for themselves.

We encourage our children to develop a sense of purpose and self-confidence, while also fostering a strong sense of community where tolerance and kindness towards others are leading values. These values are embedded throughout our curriculum, and we encourage our children to develop creativity, critical thinking skills, and an awareness of ethical issues. This helps our children to become modern global citizens who are well-equipped to succeed in the twenty-first century world.

Full, weekly and flexible boarding

Located within the heart of the main school, our boarding house is very much an extended family. It is valued as a home away from home for our boarders; creating a relaxed and comfortable environment separate from academic life at the school. We offer full, weekly or flexible boarding open to all. For full boarders there are regular exeat weekend breaks every two or three weeks. Most boarders describe the weekends at Vinehall as the highlight of their week, with a wide range of trips and activities on offer. Weekly boarding is available for those wishing to spend weekends with their families. Flexible boarding is on offer to provide a helping hand to day pupils.