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Robertsbridge, TN32 5JL, East Sussex

01580 880413



School type Co-educational Day & Boarding
Founded 1938
Headmaster Joff Powis
Date Appointed September 2017
Co-ed Age Range 2-13
Number of pupils 235
Day fees per annum £9,948 - £18,543
Weekly Boarding fees per annum £21,765 - £22,227
Boarding fees per annum £23,559 - £24,147
Average Class Size 14
Teacher/Pupil ratio 1:6.5
Associations IAPS,BSA,ISBA,ISC


Children come first at Vinehall. We believe that in providing a wide range of opportunities we can allow our children to achieve success, instilling in them a strong sense of purpose and self-confidence. Our staff and parents work together to create a warm and thriving community, where kindness and tolerance towards others are leading values. The School's ethos is encapsulated in our motto, 'to do our best for the benefit of others'.

Idyllic Setting: Within an unrivalled setting of 49 acres in the East Sussex countryside, our children enjoy much freedom to explore our expansive grounds, to benefit from the simply outstanding facilities and to discover life for themselves. Our facilities include a full-size sports hall, a 250-seat theatre, an indoor heated pool, an all-weather astro turf, six tennis courts and a nine-hole golf course.

Outstanding education, academic innovation: At Vinehall, we want to foster a love of learning for its own sake by encouraging our children to ask questions and think for themselves. We want our children to develop the necessary skills to work productively as part of a group and to become resilient, resourceful and reflective learners, unafraid of trying something new or making mistakes.

Alongside the established curriculum subjects, pupils at Vinehall have Life Skills lessons; the content of these lessons is broad, ranging from study skills and financial literacy to global citizenship, mental health and well-being. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) is also taught as a curriculum subject from Year 5, providing pupils with the opportunity to 'think like an engineer' and to develop practical problem-solving skills.

After two years of planning, September 2019 will see the introduction of a bespoke programme of study for pupils in Years 7 and 8, focusing on a thematic approach to learning. As part of a rigorous academic curriculum that we hope will give children a more relevant and stimulating learning experience, our focus will be on ensuring that our children have the skills and dispositions that will mean they leave Vinehall as independent, engaged learners.

"All pupils are successful at gaining entry to senior schools of their choice and many regularly gain academic scholarships and music, performing arts and sports awards." ISI inspection Report January 2018

Full, weekly and flexible boarding: Vinehall has a well-established boarding community of boys and girls. We offer full, weekly or flexible boarding open to all. For full boarders there are regular exeat weekend breaks every two or three weeks. Most boarders describe the weekends at Vinehall as the highlight of their week, with a wide range of trips and activities on offer. Weekly boarding is available for those wishing to spend weekends with their families. Flexible boarding is on offer to provide a helping hand to day pupils. The Vinehall Express offers accompanied train travel to and from Charing Cross.

"Boarders say that the boarding experience increases their independence and personal skills in readiness for full-time boarding in their future senior schools." ISI Inspection report January 2018.

"Pupils at Vinehall have excellent attitudes towards learning, nurtured by high expectations and the mutually supportive, inclusive and enabling culture of the school." Independent Schools Inspectorate Report January 2018