Churcher’s College 12-Year-Old Will, WWF Ambassador, hosts Rainforest Webinar

Posted on 15th May 2020 in School News, Geography, Online learning

Last Thursday, 12-year-old Will Lall, hosted a WWF webinar on ‘The Importance of Temperate Rain Forests’. The Churcher’s College student introduced the WWF-UK’s Chief Advisor for Forests, Jamie Gordon, who talked about the importance of temperate forests, including the Amazon rainforest.

In the webinar, Jamie Gordon explained the surprising similarities between our local woods and the Amazon rainforest. At Churcher’s, Will’s fellow Geography classmates tuned in to this fascinating remote learning experience to hear the discussion and ask questions. Hearing their friend involved in this incredible experience generated much excitement in class.

Will tells us why the subject of forests is crucial to the climate change debate: “Our forests have a direct impact on climate change. They store carbon dioxide, they help regulate rainfall and produce oxygen that all animals and humans need to survive. The Amazon rainforest stores carbon and therefore prevents climate change. About a third of all land is covered by forests which are home to around half of all land based plant and animal species. But every year we lose enough forests around the world to cover the whole of Scotland!”

Churcher’s College Eco Warrior and Teacher, John Lofthouse, congratulated Will: “Thank you so much for a fantastic webinar. It was fascinating, enjoyable and informative in equal measure and you did a brilliant job of hosting. A - ma - zing!”

Liz Rossall, WWF-UK Youth Engagement – Leadership, added “Will was absolutely fantastic at hosting. Thank you so much.”