Excellent GCSE results for Taunton School students

Posted on 6th Sep 2023 in School News, GCSEs

Taunton School’s Year 11 students have achieved excellent GCSE results this year despite the national trend of declining top grades and a return to 2019, pre-pandemic, grade distributions.

An impressive 52% of grades awarded were 9-7, a significant increase in comparison with 2019. These are results of which the whole year can be proud. 

Amidst the many stories of personal success, three students managed the extraordinary feat of a clean sweep of 9s. Matilda, Lizzie and Ben achieved an astonishing ten grade 9s each in their exams. Whilst across the school 52% of GCSEs were graded at 9-7, in Music an outstanding 100% of grades were 9-7 and a remarkable 95% of Biology grades were awarded a 9-7. Overall, 17% of all grades awarded were a 9 and a third of results were a 9-8 (A*). 

Taunton School’s highest achievers were:

  • Matilda Ruthven, Lizzie K, Ben Seddon 10 x 9s
  • Oscar B, Rosie Seddon, Lily Bramston 8 x 9s, 1 x 8, 1 x 7
  • Szymon W 6 x 9s, 3 x 8s
  • Kamilya B 7 x 9s, 1 8, 1 x 7

Headmaster James Johnson said: “I am extremely proud of the hard work and determination our Year 11 students have shown throughout the two-year GCSE programme.

“Amongst the eye-catching, headline figures, we should always be mindful of the numerous examples of individual achievement and personal triumph, with many students celebrating grades that will have exceeded their expectations and serve as just reward for their perseverance. Congratulations to the students and to all our staff who have supported them and contributed to this success.”

At Taunton School International, 40% of our students achieved grades 9-7, a similar result to the cohort of 2019, a fantastic achievement considering the national downward trend mentioned above. 

The top performing international students were:

  • Will S from China achieving 4 grade 9’s, 2 grade 8’s, 1 grade 7 and 1 grade 5 
  • Sasha K from Russia achieving 1 grade 9, 3 grade 8’s, 3 grade 7’s and 1 grade 5
  • Huseyn I from Azerbaijan achieving 4 grade 9’s, 2 grade 8’s and 1 grade 6
  • Omar A from Azerbaijan achieving 3 grade 9’s, 2 grade 8’s and 2 grade 7’s
  • Florian S from Germany achieving 2 grade 9’s, 1 grade 8, 3 grade 7’s and 1 grade 6

Some great results for several subjects with 100% pass grades – Art, Further Mathematics, Computer Science and Media Studies and 93% in Design Technology.

Camilla Bryden, Head of Taunton School International, said: “These results are very pleasing with some students achieving top grades despite the national downward trend. It has been a challenging year for this cohort of international students who are suffering the unfortunate consequences of the lack of consistent education and social interaction due to the pandemic. They should be extremely proud of what they have achieved. All our staff should be congratulated for their efforts in supporting these students achieve their successes.”