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New top 9 Grade very much in reach for students at Brentwood School

Posted on 23rd Aug 2018 in School News, GCSEs

Brentwood School students collected their GCSE results today and despite the national trend suggesting that the top ‘9’ grade was fairly unobtainable with only 4% of pupils achieving one, 18% of Brentwood School pupils received 9s in those subjects graded in the new way. A remarkable 29 students received all A*As / 9-7s, in the School’s third best results in ten years.

Broadest smiles and highest echelons at Churcher's College

Posted on 23rd Aug 2018 in School News, GCSEs

For every school across the country comparison of results with previous years has become almost an impossibility, writes Headmaster Simon Williams. Not only do we have a mix of letter and number grades across the subjects, in some individual subjects you may even also have a mix of letters and numbers where some pupils have taken an exam a year early as our top Mathematicians have, and all those were graded A*.