Maltman’s Green School – Peer learning in action at top independent girls’ school

Posted on 7th Feb 2019 in School News, Art

Girls in Maltman's Green School reception class learn from their elders in a beautiful project that bridges the gap between the top of the Prep School and the bottom of the Pre-Prep.

During this school term, Reception girls (aged 5) at Maltman's Green School have been learning about dinosaurs, and through a very special project, they joined up with Year 6 girls (aged 11) to create beautiful sock puppets to tell their own special dinosaur story.

After a prehistoric journey of discovery into pterodactyls, brachiosaurus, triceratops, stegosaurus and tyrannosaurus rex, the girls themselves wove together a wonderful story about friendship and the need to be both sharing and caring. They decided to tell their story in their special class assembly and chose the medium of puppets to do so. Maltman’s Green Head of Art, Mrs Hattam, invited the girls to join her Year 6 Art Class, where they all worked beautifully together to create colourful, bright, sock puppets ready for the performance.

Peer learning is a highly developed method of education that reinforces positive behaviour both on the part of the elder role model and the younger child. Maltman's Green encourages interaction throughout all ages and understand how beneficial it is for girls in their Pre-School, Pre-Prep and Prep years.