Moreton First inspiring engineers of the future

Posted on 23rd Oct 2018 in School News, STEM, Competition

Budding scientists and engineers at Moreton First are building the blocks to their future as they prepare to enter the FIRST® LEGO® League competition.

Moreton First pupils are taking on the global and UK-wide competition where they will be required to participate in engineering challenges to solve a real-world problem during the project.

Lorna Campbell, project lead said, “The pupils will be working in teams to research a real-life problem and then develop a solution by designing, building, testing and programming a robot using LEGO®MINDSTORMS technology and then compete against other schools on a table-top playing field.

“Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths combined with imagination and teamwork makes this a brilliant project for the pupils!

“We are all excited about the competition and using LEGO as our building blocks provides a unique perspective on the exciting opportunities that engineering presents.”

The pupils will be going to Newcastle-Under-Lyme at the end of January to compete in the regional round.